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 I've answered car questions from as close as my next door neighbour in Houston,Texas, to as far away as Alice Springs, Australia. It doesn't matter where you are, as long as you've got a computer, I can lend a hand.
And if you live in the Houston area, you can set up an appointment to have me  repair your car (yes, if I didn't actually fix them, my repair advice wouldn't be worth much.) 
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 Scotty's been working on cars for 44 years, and he's found some great products that can save you time and money. Just click here.
  What people say about Scotty
"Just wanted to let you know that you were right on the money.  A new
distributor and the engine pulls smoothly under acceleration.  I've road tested it on the highway for about half and hour, and no CEL, which was coming on at 75 like clockwork.  You rock!" Stuart Underwood

 "  Scotty, I watched your videos, and fixed the brakes on my car all by myself." Cindy Smith

 " Great advice. I didn't know who to ask for the truth when buying a car.  I took your advice, and am happy as a clam with my new vehicle. I'm sending you a bottle of wine for your great advice.  "  
S. Wilson 
              Repair Tip
 When tightening a nut and bolt, ALWAYS hold the bolt stationary and tighten the nut. This prevents galling and keeps the nut and bolt from cold welding together, making disassembly the next time a simple job.
      Tired of HIGH repair bills?
 Just go to this "Wondering Which Car To Buy?" section and ask Scotty which vehicles are high to maintain, and which are the lowest (you might be surprised at some of his answers.) Arm yourself with REAL information BEFORE you buy your next vehicle.
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Are you wondering about using fuel system cleaner in your car? Find out what modern cars with modern fuels need in this video.
Is your car making noises and no one seems able to figure out what the problem is? Simply make a video with sound, post it on Youtube, then e mail Scotty the link. It's just like bringing the car in to Scotty, but you don't have to drive to Houston. Scotty's helped hundreds of people this way.
Ask about brakes pads, fuel injector cleaning, replacing wheel bearings, it's all here

"Wonderful educator who delivers knowledge with an unforgetable OOMPH!"
Caesar Kamami
Check out all of Scotty's repair videos, just click on the video camera. Over 140 Million
people have watched them.
NOW you can ask Scotty car questions LIVE every Sat at 10 AM CST, And Thursdays at 1 pm CST. Just check this video out to join in on the fun
Want To Learn How To Maintain And Repair Your Own Car? Watch The Below Video To Find How Scotty Can Help Make It Easy.