New Technology
Vehicle technology is always changing. This is the place where you can learn all about it.  Whether it's something that just came out, or is still on the drawing board, it'll be discussed here.
If there's any new technology you're interested in, just ask Scotty directly right here and he'll tell you what he knows about it.
Thinking about converting your vehicle to run on ethanol?  
It's now EPA legal to convert your vehicle to run on E85 Fuel. Flex Fuel US offers a kit to convert vehicles to run on ethanol based fuel. You don't need to buy a brand new flex fuel vehicle to take advantage of the cleaner burning E85. Instead, you can convert your gasoline only vehicle to run on both gasoline and E85. And even if you're not planning on switching over, check out their website to learn a bit more about the technology involved.

Wondering about traction control systems?

The use of automotive computer gyro systems tied into anti lock braking systems is proliferating in vehicles today. Some vehicles even have anti rollover technology to keep them from slipping over (a pretty good idea for those tall SUVs.) I've personally test driven Fords with anti rollover systems, and try as I may, they wouldn't come close to tipping over. Click on the waterlogged car to keep from slipping.
Spiral batterys are the cutting edge in battery technology. With their most efficient use of space (think the spiral in a snail's shell), spiral batterys pack the most punch. And they last the longest (I've had a spiral battery in my work car for the last eight years and it's still going strong.)  Click on the batteries for the shocking truth.
Some cars now come with electrical power steering systems. Instead of using an energy inefficient hydraulic power steering pump, these cars use electrical motors and sensors to steer the vehicle. They aren't mainstream yet, but they very well could be soon. Click on the wheel for an informative trip.
Don't get caught buying a stolen car.
If you inadvertantly purchase a used car that was stolen, you're out both a car and your money. So use this free new technology to check it out first. Just get the vehicle's VIN number and click on the hand.  It's a totally free website where you can learn about a car
BEFORE you buy it. The Net rules.
A 2500 dollar brand new car?
India is introducing a 2500 dollar car to the market--the Nano (suitably named, both in price and size.) You can't buy one in the US yet, but who knows?  Check out the nano by clicking on the little car.
A REAL Hydrogen Car You Can BUY?
  Yes, in mid 2008 Honda is going to start selling a hydrogen powered car. It uses a fuel cell to create electricity, and the only thing that comes out the tailpipe is water vapor. Click on the Clarity picture to learn more.
Using high frequency magnetic           fields to fix cars?
Science fiction's got nothing on The Inductor. Instead of using dangerous torches to heat things up, the inductor uses high frequency magnetic fields. Click on the pict to learn more.
  A Non-polluting Carbon Capturing Car?
Technology does exist to let cars capture their own carbon pollution. They can store it onboard, and then later return it to a collection station. Will this be in our future? Click on the picture to find out more.
An All Electric Truck?
Yes, the ZAP is an all
electric small truck.
Click on the pict to learn
An All Electric Sports Car You Can BUY?
  The Tesla Roadster runs like a speeding bullet, but uses nothing but electricity to run itself. It costs about 2 cents a mile in electricity costs to run, and has a range of 220 miles. Click on the pict for more.
  An Engine That Uses Compressed Air for Better Gas Mileage?
  The Scuderi engine is a new prototype engine that can get the highest mileage of any combustion engine yet made. Advanced technology allows the use of compressed air for energy storage in a radical design being showcased in Germany. Click on the engine to learn more.
Are There Fuels Out There Greener Than Ethanol?

There are actually much more efficent energy sources than relatively inefficient Ethanol made from corn.  Check out
A car that runs on nothing but compressed air? Yes, this isn't science fiction as the video above shows.