The Marksman ultrasonic sound detector lets you pinpoint bad injectors, vacuum leaks, worn bearings, and more. Let your ears help you fix things fast.
Working in a tight space with little room for wiggling a wrench? The gear wrench can fit into tiny spaces and need very little turning radius to work.
Pulling your hair out over those hard to find electrical shorts? Try the Vacula Volt Check Transmitter. It's saved me from going even balder.

Worrying about cams getting out of alignment when changing a timing belt? Worry no more with OTC's new cam alignment
Strange Electrical Problems?
  When operating one electrical device makes others start working in a weird manner, ALWAYS suspect a grounding problem. Get out your meter and start checking common grounding wires right away.
Don't have the ability to reprogram vehicle computers and modules? Check out Cardone's Flash 2 Reprogrammer and don't get left out in the cold sending cars to the dealer for repairs you can do yourself.
I've been working on cars for the last 45 years. And these are some of the best products I've discovered. Stuff that really works to help keep your vehicles running smoothly down the road.
Wonder about synthetic automatic transmission fluid? Learn how it helps keep your transmission shifting smoothly for years
Learn how to use a scan tool to find out why your check engine light is on.
Learn how to fix electrical drain in your car using a voltmeter and a homemade resistor test wire.
Learn how to fix binding power steering using a simple chemical additive.
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